Message From Directors Desk

The young and inspiring entrepreneur MR. SATISH JAILWAL is a man who started small, dreamt big and used a combination of grit and perseverance to create one of India's only direct selling firms, Daily Need Marketing Pvt. Ltd. His financial restrictions and limited resources made him began his work early but could never deter him away from thinking big.

Committed to deliver 'value for money' and create ideal opportunities in direct selling business, he successfully strikes a chord with destiny and drove this venture to new heights. He always believed network marketing has tremendous potential in a diverse culture like India, for the business is about relationship building and not merely trading products. As a part of his growth strategy for company, he plans to take Indian direct selling business to places and establish a prosperous network all across the world. Equally part of his future development strategy for the company, he plans to introduce reformatory changes in the company's sales force to change the ways direct selling business is portrayed in India.