How to Join

There is no charge for registration as a Direct Seller. After scrutiny of the application form and KYC documents and then the acceptance of applicant as Direct Seller, a Unique/Track ID Number will be given on website. After receiving the ID Number.

Sponsorship for new applicant shall be allowed only when proposer and sponsor complete purchases of minimum XYZ B.V. Purchases can be done in parts but it has to be completed in a single month (commencing from the first day of month to end of that month). If proposer or sponsor does not fulfill this condition, they will not entitled to sponsor. However Direct Seller will get performance bonus as per marketing plan by product purchases.

One Direct Seller can sponsor as many person as he/she desire. Sponsor who is not Direct Seller can sponsor single new person but benefit privileges will be given only after becoming Direct Seller.

(1) DNM Business offers different type of incomes and rewards:
(i) On buying products worth XYZ B.V from the range of variety of daily use products so offered you become an Active Distributor.
(ii) You can create as many as distributors in your Team.

(2) Retail Discounts (RD): (i) DNM Business offers quality products and you may get a discount up to 10 – 40 % compared to Maximum Retail Price.
(ii) You get BV along with the discounted MRP which is customer buying price

(3) Business Generation (Re-purchase) Bonus (BGB): (i) Based on Business Volumes (BV) you generate.
(ii) The plan is compressed plan.
"First purchase of XYZ BV, if consumed to be an Active Distributor shall not be counted Business Generation Bonus."

(4) Incentive Trips (IT):
Based on Ranks you can travel to various destinations with Family and your team and enjoy;
2. BIKE FUND – 2%
3. CAR FUND – 2 %
4. HOUSE FUND – 2 %
6. ORNERY FUND – 2 %
"In addition company will be announcing promotional Incentive trips time to time basis."